KVD Beauty loses the Kat

KVD Beauty loses the Kat

I’ve honestly been trying to think of a funny title for ages but I ended up with that one, so I guess we’ll all have to deal with that. Happy New Year and Happy Luna New Year.

I didn’t think I’d be talking about Kat Von D again. The brand was dead to me and to a lot of other people. The only time I would mention the brand was in my Project Pan’s as I was trying to use them up. If you’re out of the loop I wrote a post here on why I’d not purchase the brand again. Then 2020 rolls around and as has already happened several times with the start of this year we have a curveball.

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Why I’ll no longer buy from Kat Von D

Why I’ll no longer buy from Kat Von D


In short, because she is anti-vaccine but also because I began to see the mask slip.


Kat Von D has been a controversial figure for a while. From accusations of white supremacy in her past (she dated a white supremacist) to her comments about meat eaters, she’s never been far from controversy.

I’m very much of the mind that if you do not repeat past behaviour perhaps you have changed as a person. Kat is very vocal about her Latina roots and these accusations are many years old. I felt like she had either been slandered or realised the path she was heading down was vile and turned her back on it. This recent post by her (screenshotted on the left) made me question if she had changed or just changed her focus.

Those who are racists see the world as very black and white (excuse the pun). It’s a very us vs them situation and I think this comes across in her post. It’s Kat against the world, which is something I do see as part of her Veganism.

She is a militant vegan and a hypocrite. While she does not consume or wear animal products some of her makeup line until recently was not vegan. That didn’t really strike me until I read this and started to question what I knew about her. I mean before this change she was being rude about meat eaters that were upset about Cecil the lion being killed. Yet her line at this point was not fully Vegan. It did not occur to me at the time as her line was not available in the UK so I had not researched it properly, nor was I looking to only buy vegan cosmetics at the time.

Back to the current post. It’s true, getting pregnant means everyone thinks they have a say on how you bring up a child. So when I started to read it, it was fine. Home birthing can be controversial as pregnancy can be dangerous. Being Vegan and having a child be vegan is also controversial but done right with the right support can work in this day and age. Kat has money, wealth and access to people who will be able to make sure the child is nutritionally fulfilled. The next two words said everything I needed to know.

without vaccinations

Oh no Kat.

She then goes on to tell us to shut up. She’s dropped what she thinks is a truth bomb and expects us to just blindly support her. Don’t question the fact you’re making a very dangerous choice with your child’s life, that can also badly affect those around them too. Vaccines are not optional. That’s not opinion. That’s scientific fact. Diseases that maim and kill people are wiped out or almost gone due to vaccines. Some are starting to make a come back due to mothers listening to people like her. People are literally dying from bad advice like this. Some of the people who are dying, can’t get vaccinated due to broken immune systems and people who don’t vaccinate their kids due to these beliefs are killing herd immunity which protects them.

The ‘doctor‘ who claimed vaccines cause Autism was struck off for more than just the fraudulent 12 person study all this is based on. He also has an ulterior motive to his claims, wanting to patient a single vaccine for measles. Yes, the man behind the Anti-Vaccine movement isn’t against vaccines. Just one that doesn’t make him money.

If you want the basics of why vaccines don’t cause autism here’s a good start and here’s a good scientific article on why vaccines are not bad check here. If you still think they’re being pushed for money reasons how about these links?

This from what I’ve read the anti-vaccine movement seems to be a very first world privileged movement. People who can not afford or get vaccines are literally dying to get them. It’s a very selfish thing to do and I’ve honestly lost all respect for her. While you won’t see me buying any more of her products you may see them pop up on my site as I use what I own.

So that is why I won’t be buying anymore Kat Von D products. How about you? Are you still buying her products? Is there anything you’d like to see duped?

Non Cruelty-Free Brands Reviews & Swatches

You’ll find all the products I have reviewed and swatched from those, not cruelty-free brands here. In this list, there may be some brands you would consider cruelty free. That’s sometimes because they’re a ‘grey area’ brand. That means either I can not find an animal testing statement, it’s very vague or they sell in China. There is one other reason a company I would generally consider cruelty free will end up here, that’s because their parent company is either L’Oreal or Estee Lauder.






Nails Inc

Rimmel London


Too Faced

Urban Decay

Lime Crime Superfoils Going Rusty?

Lime Crime Superfoils Going Rusty?


It appears my Lime Crime Superfoils have rusted. I do not know if it’s the product that’s rusted, the pan or the product and pan having a reaction.
Whatever it is it’s DISGUSTING and smells like rust. Lime Crime’s initial response was ridiculous in my opinion. they even stated that the Superfoils had water in (which they don’t), then went on to claim glycerine bubbles were the issue. What I’ve found isn’t glycerine bubbles.
Their current stance is here https://www.limecrime.com/superfoils-…


Sugarpill, Shrinkage and Price Rises​!

Sugarpill, Shrinkage and Price Rises​!


So I finally got my hands on Feral today. My first thought was it’s so small! (I’ll add pictures shortly). Then I thought I had this colour already and low and behold I do by Sugarpill. Feral is a dupe for Asteria both are Limited Edition shades. Asteria was $12 with 5g and Feral is $13 for 3g. The size made me wonder about the other Sugarpill shades.

Now it’s been in the press a lot about shrinkage, how companies are keeping prices the same but reducing the size of the products you buy. So I thought I’d look at shrinkage and Sugarpill. Now since I bought most off the Sugarpill website it’s quite easy for me to track prices as they’re all listed on the PO. Sugarpill’s cost per gram has gone up a fair bit over 4 years.

Lumi bought in 2012 for $12 with 6g of product, is now listed at $13 for 4g of product. You get a third less for a dollar more. OUCH!
Goldilux bought in 2012 for $12 with 5g of product is now listed at $14 for 4g of product.
Asylum bought in 2012 for $12 with 5.5g of product is now listed at $13 for 3g of product.

It’s pretty similar across the board with the older shadows. They’re all roughly $1-2 more for 1-2g less product.

But that’s not it. I have the Electrocuties and they’re all 5g each. These I got off Love-makeup.co.uk. They’re currently listed as 2.5g on the Sugarpill website and they’ve not gone down in price (Tempala has the price at time of release listed and it’s $16). They’re the same price for half the product. OUCH!

Then I noticed something about my Penelope. The weight on the bottom of my jar is 3g and it’s very new (December). The website lists it at 4g. Guess I’ll have to take that up with them.

Also shipping has increased A LOT. Shipping was $10, around the same price as JS and Lime Crime. It’s now $16, which is fucking madness and unless it’s LTD, I won’t be buying from Sugarpill direct due to that (or I can make minimum order).

Will this stop me buying from them? Honestly, it’s going to give me pause but no. I understand things get more expensive and prices have to rise but wow this took me by surprise.


Lime Crime gets a warning from the FDA

Lime Crime gets a warning from the FDA

Remember a few months back just after Lime Crime decided to post on their social media after they’d been hacked. No? Well that’s probably because they’ve removed all the posts about it from their social media like I said they would.

Well around the same time people started to notice that the Velvetines had two ingredients listed as not lip safe by the FDA on the ingredients list. They were Ferric Ferrocyanide and Ultramarines.
They were informed on social media and Lime Crime claims it’s a misprint. The problem was months after they were informed, people were still getting products with those on the label. They’ve now been warned by the FDA for either mislabelling their product or selling a product with ‘dangerous’ ingredients.

Lime Crime now had to prove to the FDA it was a misprint and correct it, which they should have done straight away or face legal action.

Edit: Forget the link to the FDA letter : http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/2015/ucm456525.htm

EDIT 2: Also Lime Crime says they’re ‘working with the FDA to resolve the situation. ‘Working with’ in the same way someone who’s been caught speeding is working with the police when attending a Driver safety course.

Since they knew about the misprint they were actively breaking the law. Instead of pulling the stock and relabelling it, they sold it as is.

Lime Crime is against bullying*

Lime Crime is against bullying*

*depending on the situation

This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen Lime Crime post. Aside from the absolute denial of the lack of security for four months, the possibility of Velvetines having unsafe ingredients (which BTW LC say are totally safe), there is now proof that Lime Crime thinks it’s okay when you bully other people on their behalf.

Lime Crime said on it’s Instagram


That’s encouraging right?

As you all know Lime Crime has been deleting comments about the scandal, people losing money and the possibility of unsafe ingredients under the guise of this is ‘our house’. As far as I’m concerned they’re allowed to do it. Freedom of speech does not exist on public company pages. If it’s right to do it is another question altogether.

In light of this someone asked


So you’d expect the answer to be the same. All harassment is wrong. We don’t stand for that. Only Lime Crime answer was this…




No. Harassment is never right. Should never be allowed. Not fucking depends.

If you’re still buying Lime Crime you’re buying from a company that’s publicly stated that harassment is okay and allowed on their pages if you are bullying people who no longer support Lime Crime.



They’re stealing images to promote their items. So who knows what else they’re lying about!

This image


Used here

Belongs to Cora of Vintage or Tacky and was stolen from here
It’s from 2011 and doesn’t use any of their products!

This one
is stolen from here
Using Lime Crime’s Mint to Be & Serpentina

This one
is stolen from here
The artist used a Mac lipstick with Lime Crime glitter on top.

This one
but is a photograph taken by Kenneth Willardt

This one
is stolen from here
It’s the original image for the Present gloss.

Avoid this company.

Edit, since they’ve started to delete the products they’ve used stolen images for, here’s a couple of screenshots I took earlier.