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Hi, there my lovely. Welcome to Fake On The Outside, a blog run by me Crimson Feather (also known in real life as Claire).

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I am a cruelty-free blogger focused on Vegan cosmetics. There will be plenty of posts on project panning as I’m also looking to get the best out of my collection and help you to get the best out of yours.

My blog has been featured on Buzzfeed, Sugarpill’s and MakeUp Academy’s Facebook page.

Makeup and blogging are my passions, which is why I’m doing this for fun. I promise you my honest opinion on the things I buy and if I ever receive PR the same applies. I’ll also mark it as Press Sample in the tags and AD if it’s a paid for blog post.

There will be new posts every Tuesday and Thursday.

I’m a dog mummy to a lovely rescue dog called Finn. He’s half Springer and half whippet with all the bouncy parts of both breeds. I wouldn’t have him any other way, he’s my reason to get out of bed and get outside. Nothing makes me happier than making him smile.

I come from the land of concrete cows (formally known as Milton Keynes, England). I’ve been among other things and Auxillary Nurse, a Chocolatier and a Hair Dresser. I’m currently a Bingo Caller working long 12 hours days.

So that’s all about me. Tell me all about you!

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Product Disclaimer: All products shown are bought and paid for by me. These are my opinions and are not influenced in any way. All prices correct at the time of filming/review.

Advice Disclaimer: All advice on this site is provided without guarantees of safety, express or implied of any kind. I (Miss C. Gunn) will not be liable for any actual or consequential damage arising from the use of, or inability to use any of the advice.

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Affiliate Links
I will if I have one include an affiliate link to any post I make. I am from this date forwards 23/08/13 going to include the tag affiliate on any post containing an affiliate link. That does not mean I endorse the company or its actions.
Regardless of the link, I will only post my honest opinion about the products they produce.

Items sent for consideration
I accept products for review from brands and PR representatives. Acceptance of a product for review does not constitute a contract for a published review and received products are deemed as commercial samples on a consideration basis, and not compensation for any written content.
All posts containing these items will be tagged with ‘Press Sample’

Updated 30/05/2019


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