Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorn Palette Review & Swatch

Mermaids vs Unicorns is probably one of the prettiest palettes I’ve seen in a while. It’s packed full of shimmery shades for us shimmer shadow lovers. It costs only £4 online or instore at Superdrug. Yes just £4 for all of this shimmer. Bargain!

The Mermaid side works it’s way across from a very light green shade, into some gorgeous bright blues. The lightest green isn’t as pigmented as the other but it makes it a brilliant highlight shade. The blues and greens are wonderful for creating lovely under the sea type looks.
The other side is the Unicorn side. I works it’s way from a dark damson purple through to blues and finishes with a sparkly black.They’re all nicely pigmented and don’t need a lot of work to get great colour on your lids.

The palette comes with a sponge applicator which is not my favourite applicator. However it’s a £4 palette so I wasn’t really expecting a brush. The shadows are amazing for the price. So strong, so pigmented, so creamy in texture but they do leave a little fall out, so just be prepared for that. It’s just £4 though (did I mention that before?). That’s superb!

So which one are you? Mermaid or Unicorn?