Hot Pink Avon Lipstick Review and Swatch

Hot Pink is the name of this unsurprisingly hot pink colour lipstick from AVON. It’s from the Ultra Colour Lipstick range and costs £7.50.

It’s described as a stay true colour that makes lips feel smooth, moisturised and soft. I’d certainly agree with all of that.
The colour in the bullet is slightly different than in the AVON book. It’s darker but it’s also not a truly opaque lipstick. So on me and people of a lighter skin tone it’ll brighten right up when applied to the lips. If you’re darker it’s going to look different on.
It lasts well. Up to four hours with little fading as long as nothing is eaten or drunk in that time. It does also make my lips feel super soft. Another bonus is it a good match for Lime Crime’s Centrifuscha lipstick.

The packaging also has a little window in the top, so you can see what colour you’re picking up. I really like that.

I like this lipstick. I want to love it. I’d like it to be a little more opaque. It’s the only thing wrong with it.