Fast Finish in Peacock and Nightshade Nail Polish from 17

Meet Peacock and Nightshade from the 17 fast finish range. They cost only £2.99 from Boots in store or online.

Oh man is this polish shiny. It’s got such a brilliant high shine finish you really don’t need a top coat. It’s a lovely shade of teal too.

It’s a deep dark black. Like the soul of your local Goth kid.

They’re almost opaque in one layer. Two makes them pretty much perfect. They’re also a fast finish polish, so will dry quicker. If you’re only doing one layer it dries in about 60 seconds. I’d not recommend going through your wallet but it would be touch dry after 60 seconds. Two layers will take longer but still a shorter time than normal.

I adore Peacock, I can’t tell you how much. Very cute. Very shiny. Nightshade is an awesome black.