Harry Potter Hogwarts House Nail Polishes Review and Swatches

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Nail Polishes Review and Swatches

As part of the House range of Boots Harry Potter offerings, there is a set of four house themed polishes.


There are 4 polishes in this set, which costs £12.50.

They look lovely and make a good addition to any Potterheads collection. I am unimpressed with the quality of the polishes themselves though. So let’s run through them from best to worst. I have to note, as I am currently wearing gel nails I’ve had to swatch these on plain press on nails, so take that into account.


Of course, it’s the best because Gryffindor is the best (lol, JK). Actually, it’s the best because of the four it’s the most common colour of the set. It’s the most beautiful metallic red and is quite opaque in one coat. Quite frankly it’s a lovely polish and one I can see myself wearing a lot.


Slytherin comes in second. I’d like to see the thinking behind this one because it’s a very unusual polish. It is of course green but where you might be expecting a silver shift, you’ve got a pink one. It’s a very unusual colour and finish and I really quite like it. It does leave me a little confused as to why pink though? It takes a couple of coats to be opaque so your drying time to pretty average.


I mean the last two were pretty much a tie for the last place but quite frankly Ravenclaw makes it by the skin of its beak because it’s a useable polish. It is however really really sheer. This one is just a wash of colour on the nail, with a glittery shift of blue in it. I’d love this if it were opaque but it’s not. At all. If you try to make it so you’re looking at 4-5 layers easily and then your drying time gets ridiculous.


Coming in last because it’s frankly a bad polish. There is nothing on the packaging to indicate this is a crackle polish. Not one single mention, other than the words talc in the ingredients.
It’s too thick to crackle properly though and dries to a very dull finish. I really hate this polish. It looks decent with a top coat but only decent. I’d really not recommend this polish but sadly it is part of the set.

All in all, it could have been a great set but in the end, it’s just average. Unless you’re particularly a Harry Potter fan this isn’t worth it.

Currently available from the Boots website for £12.50.



Maybelline Nail Polish Haul – Review & Swatch of Electric Yellow, Charged & Ready, Speeding Light

Maybelline Nail Polish Haul – Review & Swatch of Electric Yellow, Charged & Ready, Speeding Light

Color Show is the range of nail varnish by Maybelline. It costs £2.99 online or from your local stockist.

Electric Yellow
This is a primary yellow, the colour of double yellow lines. You need three coats to get a good opaque colour but it’s still a vibrant colour.

Charged and Ready
It’s the most bright shiny Lime Green. It is opaque in two coats. Be warned, if you have any kid of dents in your nails this will make it show. It’s best to smooth out your nails before using this. It’s fairly chip resistant but not overly so. I really like the also fluorescent colour of this polish. Worth picking up.

Speeding Light
This is the most beautiful shade of deep rose pink but it has an amazing twist. It has a two-tone of blue shimmer in it. It’s the most unique shade I’ve seen in a while. It does need two coats for full coverage but you could get away with one.

All of these are relatively chip resistant, Charged and Ready is the worst but that has more to do with the foil-like finish. All are super shiny without a top coat but I’d use a good one anyway to extend wear. For £2.99 you really can’t go wrong.

MakeUp Academy Peel off Base Coat

MakeUp Academy Peel off Base Coat

MakeUp Academy’s Peel Off Base polish costs £2 either online or instore at your local Superdrug.

This is designed for easy removal of glitter polish. It’s a god send for anyone who loves the look of glitter polish but hates removing it.

Application is easy. Simply apply it as a basecoat before your nail colour. You need a good two coats to get the proper effect and they do need to be left to dry completely. Don’t use this on top of another base coat, it will make the polish separate. The same will happen if you’ve smoothed your nails using a nail block. Naked, natural nails are best for this to work.
I’ve also noticed it’s water soluble when not quite dry, So don’t was your hands until you’ve put on at least one coat of normal polish over the top.

Removal is where this polish shines. You can simply peel it off using your nails but it’s easier to get under the edges using a pair of tweezers. It’ll mostly come off in one chunk. You will often be left with a few bit around the edges with will pell off but can also be removed with polish remover if you prefer.

There is one disadvantage. It does lessen the chip resistance of any polish used. The pay off though is very much worth it for me.

I love this base coat. It does exactly what it says it does. It’s a simply awesome price.


Illamasqua Raindrop Polish Review & Swatch – Pink and Grey

Illamasqua Raindrop Polish Review & Swatch – Pink and Grey

Here are swatches of Illamasqua’s Limited Edition Raindrops nail polish. Both are limited Edition and cost £13.50 from the Illamasqua website.

Raindrops is described as ‘Sheer light grey, with a jelly finish’. Pink Raindrops is described as ‘cool pink’. There are little bits in each of these to simulate the effects of raindrops.

I purchased Raindrops first. It is as stated a sheer polish, however I’d say it’s more of a blue grey than just a straight grey. It does have a nice high shine finish. In order to get it opaque you need three coats. I do love this polish, despite the need for three coats. I’m not really a sheer nail polish person.
I am ever so slightly disappointed in Pink Raindrops. it is much thicker than Raindrops and does not have the high shine finish either. You can get away with one coat of this polish and be good to go. However if you want high shine you’re going to need a top coat.

The big disadvantage with both of these is that the texture in them is hard to see in unnatural light. The look best in natural light and who spends all their time outside these days? The advantage is that being textured they’re slightly more chip resistant than your basic polishes.

So are they worth it? Yes. Don’t expect the high shine or same texture. They’re in fact very different polishes. They are both however unique and worth the spend.

Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effect Review & Swatches

Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effect Review & Swatches

Meet Rock Hard Nail Effects by 17. It’s a textured nail polish that costs £3.99 either online or at your high street retailer.

They don’t have interesting names the deep navy blue one is called Blue and the black one is called Black. Neither are shiny polishes instead going for a more tarmac type look. It certainly looks rock hard.

It’s easy to apply. You need a thinner base coat of the colour and once that’s dry a nice thick layer on top will make it pretty much perfect. It takes a little longer than normal to dry so just watch out for that.
It’s got good chip resistance and doesn’t need a top coat.
It’s textured, so it is as much of a pain to remove as you’d expect.

It love the blue shade of this and how hard wearing it is. I like it a lot.

Models Own Banger Nail Polish Review & Swatch

Models Own Banger Nail Polish Review & Swatch

Meet Banger from Models Own. It’s part of the fireworks collection and costs £4.99 online or £5 in your local bottleshop.

It’s a glitter polish with a clear base and several different types of glitter in it. There are some really small bits, larger round ones that are blue or pink and lots and lots of long straight pieces that are blue with a green duochrome. It gives the polish an overall blue effect.

The effect is wonderful and definitely looks like fireworks. I love this on a black base but can be used with any complimentary colour for a bang! As it’s a glitter polish it’s a bit of a nightmare to remove but it’s so pretty I don’t care.

I love it. Well worth the cost.

Nail Geek Nail Paints Review & Swatches

Nail Geek Nail Paints Review & Swatches

The Nail Geek Full Paints collection costs only £5.96, which means you essentially get one of these colours for free.

There are five colours a primary blue, yellow and red. Also, there’s an apple green and a bright pink. There is a tiny bit of glitter in the green polish but you can’t really see it on the nails.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They’re fairly chip resistant and really don’t need more than two coats. The only one that did need a bit more was the yellow polish. They’ve all got a good shine.

They well worth the cost and if you’re not really a fan of the colours they’re perfect for nail art designs. Personally, I’d prefer the pink to be red to make it a true primary collection but other than that you can’t go wrong.

MakeUp Academy Natural​ Days Polish Review & Swatch

MakeUp Academy Natural​ Days Polish Review & Swatch

This is MUA’s nail polish in Natural Days. It’s a light pink polish with a shiny finish.

It’s quite hard to make this opaque. Even after four layers, it wasn’t quite a solid colour. I must admit the older brush in this old style bottle really didn’t help with that but even with the newer brush in the redesigned bottles, it’s not going to be great.


It costs only £1 from the MUA website or Superdrug. Do I think it’s worth it? As a base colour for other things, It’d be okay but it’s really not something I’d recommend even at such a low cost.

Melange nail polish by Illamasqua Review & Swatch

Melange nail polish by Illamasqua Review & Swatch

Melange from Illamasqua is described as a golden teal with a matte finish. It costs £14.50 online or your nearest counter.

It’s definitely teal, the greener end of teal. The gold from the gold microglitter contained in it. It’s a wonderful shade and reminds me of old English houses. It’s that kind of green. I’d not say it’s matte though. It’s got a definite shine, if a little dull. Kind of like old well used pottery.

I did use a top coat and got a great picture. This one is also in natural sunlight, rather than indoors and you can see how pretty it is.

The only thing wrong with it is the brush. It’s not very wide but that’s the standard Illamasqua brush.
It is opaque after one coat and therefore dries quickly. It’s quite chip resistant but not overly so.
All in all I love it.

Nails Inc Whitehall Magnetic Plosh Review & Swatch

Nails Inc Whitehall Magnetic Plosh Review & Swatch

Nails Inc’s Whitehall magnetic nail polish. It costs £13.00 from the Nails Inc Website or your local stockist.

Whitehall is a black/green polish.

When first coated on the nails it does have a nice shine and if used without the magnet effect is actually quite an interesting shade.
It’s opaque in one coat but if you’re going for the magnetic look you are best off with two to prevent it being sheer in places. Just let it dry for a short time between coats.
The brush in the bottle is just right for me.
It’s not particularly chip resistant but will last a day for me. It’s last a lot longer if you don’t work with coins.

How to

  • Paint the first layer and let dry
  • Paint the second layer
  • Immediately place the magnetic cap over the nail. There is a small lip to rest on you nail bed
  • Leave for ten seconds
  • Let dry and use a top coat

So is it worth it? . Don’t expect high chip resistance. It’s a nice effect and can be used with other brands magnetic caps for different looks on each nail if you like. A good little number for your nails.