Illamasqua Raindrop Polish Review & Swatch – Pink and Grey

Here are swatches of Illamasqua’s Limited Edition Raindrops nail polish. Both are limited Edition and cost £13.50 from the Illamasqua website.

Raindrops is described as ‘Sheer light grey, with a jelly finish’. Pink Raindrops is described as ‘cool pink’. There are little bits in each of these to simulate the effects of raindrops.

I purchased Raindrops first. It is as stated a sheer polish, however I’d say it’s more of a blue grey than just a straight grey. It does have a nice high shine finish. In order to get it opaque you need three coats. I do love this polish, despite the need for three coats. I’m not really a sheer nail polish person.
I am ever so slightly disappointed in Pink Raindrops. it is much thicker than Raindrops and does not have the high shine finish either. You can get away with one coat of this polish and be good to go. However if you want high shine you’re going to need a top coat.

The big disadvantage with both of these is that the texture in them is hard to see in unnatural light. The look best in natural light and who spends all their time outside these days? The advantage is that being textured they’re slightly more chip resistant than your basic polishes.

So are they worth it? Yes. Don’t expect the high shine or same texture. They’re in fact very different polishes. They are both however unique and worth the spend.