Harry Potter Hogwarts House Nail Polishes Review and Swatches

As part of the House range of Boots Harry Potter offerings, there is a set of four house themed polishes.


There are 4 polishes in this set, which costs £12.50.

They look lovely and make a good addition to any Potterheads collection. I am unimpressed with the quality of the polishes themselves though. So let’s run through them from best to worst. I have to note, as I am currently wearing gel nails I’ve had to swatch these on plain press on nails, so take that into account.


Of course, it’s the best because Gryffindor is the best (lol, JK). Actually, it’s the best because of the four it’s the most common colour of the set. It’s the most beautiful metallic red and is quite opaque in one coat. Quite frankly it’s a lovely polish and one I can see myself wearing a lot.


Slytherin comes in second. I’d like to see the thinking behind this one because it’s a very unusual polish. It is of course green but where you might be expecting a silver shift, you’ve got a pink one. It’s a very unusual colour and finish and I really quite like it. It does leave me a little confused as to why pink though? It takes a couple of coats to be opaque so your drying time to pretty average.


I mean the last two were pretty much a tie for the last place but quite frankly Ravenclaw makes it by the skin of its beak because it’s a useable polish. It is however really really sheer. This one is just a wash of colour on the nail, with a glittery shift of blue in it. I’d love this if it were opaque but it’s not. At all. If you try to make it so you’re looking at 4-5 layers easily and then your drying time gets ridiculous.


Coming in last because it’s frankly a bad polish. There is nothing on the packaging to indicate this is a crackle polish. Not one single mention, other than the words talc in the ingredients.
It’s too thick to crackle properly though and dries to a very dull finish. I really hate this polish. It looks decent with a top coat but only decent. I’d really not recommend this polish but sadly it is part of the set.


All in all, it could have been a great set but in the end, it’s just average. Unless you’re particularly a Harry Potter fan this isn’t worth it.

Currently available from the Boots website for £12.50.