Revolution Beauty 2019 Gift With Purchase Palettes – Review & Swatches

You might ask why I would do a review on the Gift With Purchase palettes from Revolution Beauty from last year. It’s a good question. They’re not currently available and likely won’t be again. The reason is that they’ve done these kinds of GWP before and I wanted to leave you with an idea of the quality of them. To help you make the decision if you’d like to get the next one that comes along. I’ve also due to the limited edition nature of these not seen anyone review them.
So if you’re interested, keep reading.

Just to note these won’t be in-depth reviews. They’ll be overviews of the palettes to give you an idea of the quality.

You Are The Revolution

First, we have the GWP from Black Friday – You Are The Revolution.

It’s a lovely golden-toned palette that’s full of shimmer shades. The pigment on this is good but it is more suited to the fair end of the skin tone range.
They blend well and don’t really lose colour on the eye.


The following 4 palettes were available over December.

Strong Soul & Fierce Mind


Strong Soul and Fierce Mind are two contour palettes.

Strong Soul

Of the two this one is the one that is more suited to the deeper and warm-toned end of the skin tone range. It’s pretty much not for me at all. I don’t do yellow highlighter (I look like Commanda Data) and the deepest bronzer colour is definitely too dark.
Having said that, the quality is nice and they still blend out well for a free palette. If you’d like this one I’ve included a link at the end of the post for a giveaway for the one above.

Fierce Mind

This one is more of a blush/highlight palette to me. It’s pink and golden-toned. The one is more inclusive of all skin tones, this will also work for cool and warm undertones. Again we have good blending and pigment on this one.

Kind Heart & Brave Spirit


These are eyeshadow palettes that are very different from one another.

Kind Heart

Kind Heart is a Red/Golden toned eyeshadow palette with a nice range of depths. It is mainly shimmer shades with a couple of satins thrown in. Again, nice pigment given it’s free and blends fairly well. It’s not perfect but it was free.
Someone did note that it looked similar to the 1,000,000 palettes they gave away when their Instagram hit 1,000,000 followers and that’s true. It’s a very similar colour scheme. If you’d like to see a direct comparison, I swatched them in the video linked below.

Brave Spirit

This is a brights palette that has a more confusing range of colours. I’m not sure what the colour story was supposed to be here other than ‘bright’. Again we’re looking at more shimmers than not and as a result, they’re well pigmented. The blending takes a little more work but I’ve not had too many issues for a free palette.

All in all, these are free palettes and they’re of a good standard for Revolution Beauty. Are they worth the extra spend? Well, only you can decide that.

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