The trials of Trinket (and how to do customer service right)

So I was sitting on the Sugarpill site and saw as soon as Trinket went up. I popped it in my cart and then went after the Limited Edition Shadows. Turns out this wasn’t the best idea. Despite having it in my cart, getting all the way through paypal and it all being completed, turns out I was not one of the lucky ones.

So I sat there happy I’d got it but realised I hadn’t had an order confirmation. No biggie, I mean there were lots of people trying to order. Waited a few days, then thought I’d log onto my Sugarpill account. No order…. WHAT?

I logged out and then saw it. My computer has saved my old Sugarpill account details. That’s account is attached to an old hacked email address. Awww crap. So I gave it a couple of days. If it shipped, no worries. It didn’t ship.


So I emailed them off the email attached to my paypal account. I expected it to take a while. I gave them two working days and then emailed again. I got a reply the same day. They were super sweet and told me I wasn’t lucky, like I’d suspected.

We’ve had a little back an forth but they’ve been so sweet. I didn’t really want the brush (I have it, it’s great by the way) so I asked if I could have a loose shadow instead. They’ve said yes!

So I am getting a loose shadow for free for the inconvenience of not getting the Limited packaging of Trinket. I’d say that’s a win.

Here’s the thing. They had no idea it’d be this popular. Trinket sold out in the first minute. Damn crazy. No one could have predicted that. The customer service response was amazing. Apologetic. Offering something to those who missed out. Sugarpill rocks and to me they’ve proved they’re worth every single penny.