Sugarpill, Shrinkage and Price Rises​!


So I finally got my hands on Feral today. My first thought was it’s so small! (I’ll add pictures shortly). Then I thought I had this colour already and low and behold I do by Sugarpill. Feral is a dupe for Asteria both are Limited Edition shades. Asteria was $12 with 5g and Feral is $13 for 3g. The size made me wonder about the other Sugarpill shades.

Now it’s been in the press a lot about shrinkage, how companies are keeping prices the same but reducing the size of the products you buy. So I thought I’d look at shrinkage and Sugarpill. Now since I bought most off the Sugarpill website it’s quite easy for me to track prices as they’re all listed on the PO. Sugarpill’s cost per gram has gone up a fair bit over 4 years.

Lumi bought in 2012 for $12 with 6g of product, is now listed at $13 for 4g of product. You get a third less for a dollar more. OUCH!
Goldilux bought in 2012 for $12 with 5g of product is now listed at $14 for 4g of product.
Asylum bought in 2012 for $12 with 5.5g of product is now listed at $13 for 3g of product.

It’s pretty similar across the board with the older shadows. They’re all roughly $1-2 more for 1-2g less product.

But that’s not it. I have the Electrocuties and they’re all 5g each. These I got off They’re currently listed as 2.5g on the Sugarpill website and they’ve not gone down in price (Tempala has the price at time of release listed and it’s $16). They’re the same price for half the product. OUCH!

Then I noticed something about my Penelope. The weight on the bottom of my jar is 3g and it’s very new (December). The website lists it at 4g. Guess I’ll have to take that up with them.

Also shipping has increased A LOT. Shipping was $10, around the same price as JS and Lime Crime. It’s now $16, which is fucking madness and unless it’s LTD, I won’t be buying from Sugarpill direct due to that (or I can make minimum order).

Will this stop me buying from them? Honestly, it’s going to give me pause but no. I understand things get more expensive and prices have to rise but wow this took me by surprise.