5 by 5 Project Polish YouTube Introduction

This is a continuation of my 5 by 5 post in December. Just a quick catch up and video in this project pan.

There are pictures of the polishes as they were at the start of January but the full comparison pictures will be up in mid-February.

Quick update though.
Fairy Spells has gone down much faster than I thought but that is because I can use it for a topper for all except the Holographic polish.
Enterprise is getting thick and hard to get out of the bottle as it nears its end. I’ve been using thinner drops but it’s not really thinning well now. It might be done by the time I post the midway update.
It’s a Monthly Thing is a thicker polish and takes a couple of layers and a lot longer to dry than I’d like. I may destash this one at the end.
Blackberry is not moving as fast as I’d like, still working on it.
Last but not least I’m having chipping issues with Re-vamped. It’s a beautiful colour but I really wish it chipped less.