MakeUp Academy Peel off Base Coat

MakeUp Academy’s Peel Off Base polish costs £2 either online or instore at your local Superdrug.

This is designed for easy removal of glitter polish. It’s a god send for anyone who loves the look of glitter polish but hates removing it.

Application is easy. Simply apply it as a basecoat before your nail colour. You need a good two coats to get the proper effect and they do need to be left to dry completely. Don’t use this on top of another base coat, it will make the polish separate. The same will happen if you’ve smoothed your nails using a nail block. Naked, natural nails are best for this to work.
I’ve also noticed it’s water soluble when not quite dry, So don’t was your hands until you’ve put on at least one coat of normal polish over the top.

Removal is where this polish shines. You can simply peel it off using your nails but it’s easier to get under the edges using a pair of tweezers. It’ll mostly come off in one chunk. You will often be left with a few bit around the edges with will pell off but can also be removed with polish remover if you prefer.

There is one disadvantage. It does lessen the chip resistance of any polish used. The pay off though is very much worth it for me.

I love this base coat. It does exactly what it says it does. It’s a simply awesome price.