Scandalous Eyeshadow Set Review & Swatches – Acid, Glow, Get Ready, It, Rave All Night

The scandalous eye shadow set, is a set of ultra bright shadows from Makeup Revolution. They are available separately for £1 or if bought together you get all five for £4.

The yellow is called Acid! It’s the one with the worst pay off and is slightly chalky. It’s still very bright but I’d recommend using a white base under it to get the best vibrancy.

The green is called Go! A better pay off but still a little on the chalky side. It’s a vibrant green and it’s super bright.

The orange is called Get Ready! This has a great pay off. Super bright and a good consistency.

The pink is called It! A great hot pink and great consistency.

The purple is called Rave All Night! The best of the bunch with the best pay off and texture. I love this one.

I love this set, it’s super cheap and it’s got some good colours. I don’t really like Acid! all that much but it’s free if you buy the set. Used with a wet brush or a white base it’s still good. I also like that these are UV light reactive so you can use these to Rave All Night!

Very much worth it!