Lime Who? Meet the Revolution

So I stumbled across this company in my journey to find new and exciting lip colours. It’s a brand new company (started in March of this year). It’s called MakeUp Revolution and it’s a UK brand. They’ll be launching in Superdrug later in the year but they’re already available on the Superdrug website.

They have a collection called Scandalous! It features five bright colours, three of which are brilliant dupes for Lime Crime’s lipsticks. So let us do a compare and contrast, shall we?

At the top we have Felony, it’s a bright yellow that’s a great match for New Yolk city.

Next we have Depraved which is a wonderful dupe for Airborne Unicorn.

Lastly, there’s Immortal which is a lovely replacement for Oh No She didn’t.

Now as you can see, the MakeUp Revolution shades are slightly less opaque than the Lime Crime lipsticks. However, the MR lipsticks are opaque and give great coverage. The worst is Felony but then New Yolk City has coverage issues. A little mix of lip tar (from occ) fixes that issue for both of them.
I love the packaging on LC’s lipsticks but the lids crack so easily and it feels like cheap plastic. Once the lids crack they won’t stay on.
MR’s lipsticks also feel like cheap plastic but I do like the pot of colour at the top. It makes it very easy to find the colour you’re looking for.
Where the MR lipsticks fare better is they aren’t drying. They have a much more buttery texture.

Lastly cost. This is where Makeup Revolutions wins hands down.

  • Lime Crime’s lipsticks cost £12.50 from UK retailers. It has 3.5g of product in it.
  • MakeUp Revolutions lipsticks cost £1 from UK retailers. It has 3.8g of product in it.

No, I didn’t make a typing error, these dupes really do cost just £1 with more product.

So I’d highly recommend these if you’re on a budget and want some crazy colours. Sometimes the extra cost just isn’t worth it.