Urban Decay, Electric Palette Review & Swatches

Are your friends electric?

Electric is the new palette from Urban Decay. However this is not a set of pressed shadows, this is a set of pressed pigments. That means it can be used all over the face as cheek colour or eye colour. It also means it can be used as eye liner or lip colour with the right medium.

  • Revolt – Bright metallic silver shimmer with glitter
  • Gonzo – Bright turquoise with a pearl sheen
  • Slowburn – Bright red based orange with a pearl sheen
  • Savage – Bright matt hot pink
  • Fringe – Bright metallic teal
  • Chaos – Royal blue with a pearl sheen
  • Jilted – Bright metallic fuchsia with a blue shift
  • Urban – Bright metallic purple
  • Freak – Bright green with a gold shift
  • Thrash – Bright lime green with a gold pearl

The colours are super bright indoors and outdoors but despite their fluorescent nature they do not glow under UV light. Bit of a shame really but they’re still lovely.
Now I am going to mention, if you’re American four of the shades (slowburn, savage, jilted and urban) are not for use in the immediate eye area. This is not because they’re unsafe just that the FDA hasn’t tested neon pigments. We on the other hand have, so they are safe and they have passed the tests here as the warning on the American packages does not exist on ours.
The set comes with a double ended brush, which itself is a great brush.

This set is permanent, which is great and it cost £38 from Urban Decay or your local stockist.