Mermaids vs Dragons vs Unicorns Part 1 – Lipsticks Review and Swatches


There’s been a new release from I Heart Revolution that seems to have been lost in the flurry of new releases and reviews of the pro line. There’s been a set of Unicorn, Mermaid and Dragon lipsticks and glosses released. They’re all so pretty! Now given I just bought 21 new lipsticks from the proline myself I couldn’t afford to splash out and buy all of the new goodies from the I Heart Revolution release so instead I bought one of each of the lipsticks. Not being the biggest gloss fan I have passed up on those, although they do appear to be liquid lipstick so I may have to splash out on those soon.

They all have 3.2g of product and a 12 month shelf life once opened.


The mermaid collection consists of 5 shades, two seashell mattes, two glistening metallic and one satin finish. The mermaid packaging is silver with an aqua coloured sticker decorated with scales. The bullet itself is inlaid with mermaid scales.


The Unicorn collection consists of 5 iridescent shades ranging from pink to purple. They have either a metallic or satin finish. The packaging itself is metallic lilac with a pastel marble sticker. The bullet itself is inlaid with stars.


The Dragon collection consists of 5 shades ranging from bronze to a deep red based purple. There are three firey matte reds, two golden metallic and one charming plum. The packaging is a fiery red with a stick of dragon scales. The bullet is also inlaid with scales.


I chose three, one from each range.


Dragons Blood is a ruby red colour with nice coverage. It’s a little oily but it’s a £4 lipstick. I wasn’t expecting miracles.  It’s also the only Vegan shade of the ones I chose.


Aquadisiac is what looks like an aqua colour but actually turns a soft pink when applied. the colour will be slightly different on you depending on your PH and skin tone but I do like this even if it is a bit on the sheer side.


Magical Delight is an iridescent lavender and again on the sheer side. It is a little oily and I think I’ll find myself using this more as a topper than anything else.


Dragons Blood performs the best although all of them will not last all day. If you want them to stay a lip liner and Lipcote will do that. However, they’re £4. I am not expecting miracles from a product that’s that cheap and in unusual colours. Unusual colours are hard to formulate and I think they’ve done a good job with these. Are they perfect? No. Are they worth it? Yes. They pretty and the inlaid design makes the unique and collectable. I might be getting one or two more in the future but for now these are just what I need.

Get them while you can at Revolution Beauty for £4 each.