Revolution Pro Pointed Fluffy Brush Review

As part of the Pro range Revolution released a set of brushes a while back. As part of the Pro range, they’re slightly more expensive than the price you’re used to from Revolution. This is because as part of the Pro range they’re designed for Pro use and means they’re better quality and design.

Create a professional finish with Revolution PRO Brushes. The 250 Pointed Fluffy Brush is ideal for use with liquid and cream based makeup. These sleek brushes feature white handles and monochrome ferrules, with ultra-soft synthetic black and grey gradient bristles. Vegan. Cruelty free.


I only bought one from this range and I decided to go for the Fluffy pointed brush.

It costs £8 from Revolution Beauty or Superdrug. Is Vegan and cruelty-free.

Revolution-Pro-Pointed-Fluffy-Brush-TopSo why of all the brushes this one?

Mostly because of all the brushes this one is the most versatile.

It’s both good as a powder brush for more precise application and for blending out. The same is true for blush with this brush.
It’s also got a really nice shape for placing powder under the eyes.
It’s also versatile as you can use it with foundation. You need to use it in a stippling motion to get the best out of it though.

I really like this brush. It’s become a staple in my collection. So if you’d like one of these you can get it from Superdrug or Revolution Beauty for £8.