Clone Wars – Lime Crime Pansy Dupes from LA Splash

Quick Swatch time. This time it’s LaSplash Cosmetics vs Lime Crime.

Pansy from Lime Crime is liquid based and can be a little patchy when applied with the doe foot applicator. It will need a second layer to stop that or alternatively use a brush for an even application. Fair warning here the more layers you use the more drying it is.
Esmeralda from LaSplash is more creme based and can also come out patchy is care is not taken. Be careful not to over apply as this can cause it to crack. It’s also drying but no where near as bad as LC. It’s also got tiny particles of glitter in it which means instead of a flat matte colour you get a lot more depth with this one.
Criminal is almost exactly the same shade as Pansy. Again more creme based and needs a little care taken when applying. Over application can cause cracking. The La Splash ones also have a horrible paint fragrance when being applied but that does go when it dries.

These are all considered long wearing and smudge proof. LaSplash lives up to this. Repeated servings of oily food/drinks can cause it to start to come off as can poor preparation but they’re pretty indestructible. Lime Crime on the other hand is not smudge proof and at the first sign of any oil tends to whimper and slide off. I don’t know what happened to Lime Crime but this formulation is vastly inferior to the original Velvetines.

Cost? Lime Crime Velvetines are $20 (roughly £14) and LaSplash are $13.98 (roughly $9.50).

La Splash for me wins hands down.