Lime Crime is against bullying*

*depending on the situation

This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen Lime Crime post. Aside from the absolute denial of the lack of security for four months, the possibility of Velvetines having unsafe ingredients (which BTW LC say are totally safe), there is now proof that Lime Crime thinks it’s okay when you bully other people on their behalf.

Lime Crime said on it’s Instagram


That’s encouraging right?

As you all know Lime Crime has been deleting comments about the scandal, people losing money and the possibility of unsafe ingredients under the guise of this is ‘our house’. As far as I’m concerned they’re allowed to do it. Freedom of speech does not exist on public company pages. If it’s right to do it is another question altogether.

In light of this someone asked


So you’d expect the answer to be the same. All harassment is wrong. We don’t stand for that. Only Lime Crime answer was this…




No. Harassment is never right. Should never be allowed. Not fucking depends.

If you’re still buying Lime Crime you’re buying from a company that’s publicly stated that harassment is okay and allowed on their pages if you are bullying people who no longer support Lime Crime.


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