Go Collection Review & Swatches – Go To Hell, Go To Heaven, Go!, Go To The City

The Go collection is a selection of palette’s from Makeup Revolution. They cost £3.99 and are now part of the Last Chance to buy.

Go to Hell is a collection of darker shades in an interesting pattern. They’ve got lovely colour pay off, the shimmer shade performs much better than the matte shades. It’s a lovely combination, although the smaller ones are harder to get the colours out of. I’d give this one four out of five.

Go to Heaven is a collection of neutral shades in the same design. Again great pay off for the price, with the shimmers performing better. Some of them are very close to my skin tone so it’s hard to see them in a swatch. If you have darker skin they’ll show up nicely. It’s a nice neutral palette, again though the smaller shades are harder to get a brush in. I still really like this design. I’m only going to give this one three out of five because I’m not really a neutral shadow person.

The Go Palette is a selection of six shimmery shades, with one large highlighter and two blushes. The shimmers have awesome pay off as does the highlighter and the blushes are no less pigmented. Despite the neutralness of this palette I really like it. A few of the shimmers are really nice and really good for helping blend out a smoky eye. I’m going to give this one four out of five.

The Go To the City palette is in the same format as the Go Palette. Six deeper shimmer colours, one highlighter and two blushes. These are more on the cool end of the scale but never the less are just as pigmented and creamy. I adore these colours, some of which are really similar to the colours in the Give Them Nightmares palette.  This one also gets a four out of five.

The Go and the Go To The City Palette combined are great for going from day to night. So these are all you’d need to take away for the weekend.