Why I’ll no longer buy from Kat Von D


In short, because she is anti-vaccine but also because I began to see the mask slip.


Kat Von D has been a controversial figure for a while. From accusations of white supremacy in her past (she dated a white supremacist) to her comments about meat eaters, she’s never been far from controversy.

I’m very much of the mind that if you do not repeat past behaviour perhaps you have changed as a person. Kat is very vocal about her Latina roots and these accusations are many years old. I felt like she had either been slandered or realised the path she was heading down was vile and turned her back on it. This recent post by her (screenshotted on the left) made me question if she had changed or just changed her focus.

Those who are racists see the world as very black and white (excuse the pun). It’s a very us vs them situation and I think this comes across in her post. It’s Kat against the world, which is something I do see as part of her Veganism.

She is a militant vegan and a hypocrite. While she does not consume or wear animal products some of her makeup line until recently was not vegan. That didn’t really strike me until I read this and started to question what I knew about her. I mean before this change she was being rude about meat eaters that were upset about Cecil the lion being killed. Yet her line at this point was not fully Vegan. It did not occur to me at the time as her line was not available in the UK so I had not researched it properly, nor was I looking to only buy vegan cosmetics at the time.

Back to the current post. It’s true, getting pregnant means everyone thinks they have a say on how you bring up a child. So when I started to read it, it was fine. Home birthing can be controversial as pregnancy can be dangerous. Being Vegan and having a child be vegan is also controversial but done right with the right support can work in this day and age. Kat has money, wealth and access to people who will be able to make sure the child is nutritionally fulfilled. The next two words said everything I needed to know.

without vaccinations

Oh no Kat.

She then goes on to tell us to shut up. She’s dropped what she thinks is a truth bomb and expects us to just blindly support her. Don’t question the fact you’re making a very dangerous choice with your child’s life, that can also badly affect those around them too. Vaccines are not optional. That’s not opinion. That’s scientific fact. Diseases that maim and kill people are wiped out or almost gone due to vaccines. Some are starting to make a come back due to mothers listening to people like her. People are literally dying from bad advice like this. Some of the people who are dying, can’t get vaccinated due to broken immune systems and people who don’t vaccinate their kids due to these beliefs are killing herd immunity which protects them.

The ‘doctor‘ who claimed vaccines cause Autism was struck off for more than just the fraudulent 12 person study all this is based on. He also has an ulterior motive to his claims, wanting to patient a single vaccine for measles. Yes, the man behind the Anti-Vaccine movement isn’t against vaccines. Just one that doesn’t make him money.

If you want the basics of why vaccines don’t cause autism here’s a good start and here’s a good scientific article on why vaccines are not bad check here. If you still think they’re being pushed for money reasons how about these links?

This from what I’ve read the anti-vaccine movement seems to be a very first world privileged movement. People who can not afford or get vaccines are literally dying to get them. It’s a very selfish thing to do and I’ve honestly lost all respect for her. While you won’t see me buying any more of her products you may see them pop up on my site as I use what I own.

So that is why I won’t be buying anymore Kat Von D products. How about you? Are you still buying her products? Is there anything you’d like to see duped?

7 thoughts on “Why I’ll no longer buy from Kat Von D

  1. I won’t be buying any more. Noping right on out. I did want to try the foundation but hey ho. May spend the last half of the year panning what I have

  2. I was going to buy her brow gels but after this i won’t buy her makeup anymore. I’m so disappointed, i thought she was more responsible and smart than this.

    1. I thought she was smarter than this too but I guess not. Fortunately ​I know Revolution Beauty are coming out with brow gels in unusal ​colours so there’s still hope.

  3. I have never bought anything from Kat Von D and after reading this, I won’t be planning to anytime soon

  4. I wasn’t sure how true the racist accusations were but the final straw for me was her very vocal support for the Animal Liberation Front. Anyone who lived in the UK in the 80s and early. 90s knows why this is not a good thing

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