Lime Crime gets a warning from the FDA

Remember a few months back just after Lime Crime decided to post on their social media after they’d been hacked. No? Well that’s probably because they’ve removed all the posts about it from their social media like I said they would.

Well around the same time people started to notice that the Velvetines had two ingredients listed as not lip safe by the FDA on the ingredients list. They were Ferric Ferrocyanide and Ultramarines.
They were informed on social media and Lime Crime claims it’s a misprint. The problem was months after they were informed, people were still getting products with those on the label. They’ve now been warned by the FDA for either mislabelling their product or selling a product with ‘dangerous’ ingredients.

Lime Crime now had to prove to the FDA it was a misprint and correct it, which they should have done straight away or face legal action.

Edit: Forget the link to the FDA letter :

EDIT 2: Also Lime Crime says they’re ‘working with the FDA to resolve the situation. ‘Working with’ in the same way someone who’s been caught speeding is working with the police when attending a Driver safety course.

Since they knew about the misprint they were actively breaking the law. Instead of pulling the stock and relabelling it, they sold it as is.