Avon Anew 14 day set Review

I recently purchased Anew Vitale 14 day skincare kit. The kit contains a full-size eye cream (15ml) and travels sizes of the day cream (15ml), night cream (15ml) and gel cleanser (50ml). It’s a complete routine for anyone over the age of 35.

I was in need of a new eye cream and this set was in the brochure for £9.99, which is cheaper than the eye cream on its own. If you buy from Avon you’ll know the prices can change from brochure to brochure and its full price is usually £22. That’s still good value as the eye cream is usually £16, the moisturisers are £6 each (in the travel size). The cleanser is not available separately (in travel size).

I have been to a festival and my skin is currently in an awful state. I thought I’d use this set for 14 days and see how well it works. I’ve used it for a couple of days now so here’s my first impression.

Firstly there’s no toner. It’s a step I am so used to, it feels weird not having this step at all.

  • The cleanser foams nicely and has a pleasant smell. So far I’ve not used it to remove makeup, as I’ve been off so we’ll see how well it removes mine soon. The only thing is it seems to leave my skin feeling really dry afterwards. It feels like a soap based cleanser.
  • The eye cream is really smooth and doesn’t drag on the skin at all. There’s no fragrance that I can detect which is good.
  • The day cream is not too heavy, it’s creamy and sinks into my skin right away. The fragrance is quite strong and to be honest it smells like Tresseme shampoo.
  • The night cream is a little heavier but does sink in quickly. It’s the same fragrance which is quite heavy.

So far I like this kit. The fragrance is a bit heavy but other than that I like it so far.