Welcome to the Mysaa Box

Welcome to the Mysaa Box

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Body Shop Peppermint Candy Cane Range Review

Body Shop Peppermint Candy Cane Range Review

Step into the Enchanted Forest and discover our magical collection of seasonal scents for 2018. Shop Peppermint Candy Cane from, body care and fragrance to get in that festive spirit!


This year one of the limited edition scents from the Body Shop is Peppermint Candy Cane. Being a fan of mint I went to check it out and I loved it. So I decided to get a few pieces. I would have bought a body spray in it if one had been available but sadly not.  However, let’s go over what I did decide to pick up.

I also don’t know if you’re aware but every transaction at the Body Shop this Christmas helps to protect and re-wild forest in England and Armenia. So you’re doing good as well as getting some sweet smelling stuff.


First is the rather cute reindeer bath bomb in the peppermint candy cane scent. This little one costs £1.50 and is packed full of skin-friendly oils. I’ve used mine and it doesn’t really fizz. The colour of the water is a light mint green with that lovely peppermint candy cane scent. I liked it but I didn’t love it even though my skin felt great after.


The Peppermint Candy Cane shower gel comes only in the larger size, 250ml. So this will last you well over the Christmas period. It costs £5 and I’m going to say it again that scent. It’s quite strong in the shower and does linger on the skin afterwards. It foams nicely too. I like this one.


The body butter is available in two sizes. One smaller travel size costing £6 and the larger 200 ml costing £15. The scent in this is very strong. Combined with the shower gel you do not need to wear perfume, I’ve had several people comment on how nice I smell. Other than the smell, which I keep going on about this is the same formula as the regular body butter and is intensely moisturising. It’s thick but sinks in fast and leaves your skin silky soft. I’d recommend the larger size if you’re going for the shower gel as I can run through the smaller one in less than a month.


The last thing I purchased from the range was the hand cream. It’s the smaller size and I can get through these in a month. I like the formula as it skins in quickly and with the scent of this one, I can’t stop using it. This one costs £5.

There were a few things I passed on. The soap, body scrub and the body lotion. Over the winter I prefer thicker lotions for my skin and I currently have enough scrub and soap. If you’d like any of these you can get them from your local store or online.

Are you picking anything up from this range?

Freddie the Fox Body Shop Advent Calendar

Freddie the Fox Body Shop Advent Calendar

Every year I buy the biggest Body Shop advent calendar. This year as it’s the year of the Enchanted Forest it’s themed as a fox. It costs £99 but does contain £230 worth of product. There were two others, one at £45 and the other at £65.

Freddie the Fox will guide you through the forest to find 25 beauty surprises to revive your body and re-energise your mind. Expect an amazing 14 full-size products, including top picks from our Bath & Body ranges, Drops of Youth™ and Oils of Life™ skincare ranges, plus our best-selling Facial Mask. But that’s not all. Since spending time outdoors grounds us and makes us feel more alive, we’ve set you small, fun daily tasks to help you reconnect with nature. Once you’ve completed your 25-day challenge, keep your empty boxes – they transform into a picture puzzle that reveals some of the beautiful creatures roaming in our enchanted wilderness.


This is a very pretty calendar and it’s my favourite of the three from the range. Let’s take a look at the inside.


So let’s take a look at the items included in this years calendar. I’ve put a post break in because we will be looking at 25 items and iof you don’t want yours spolit you can just skip on past.

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ELF MakeUp Remover Cloths Haul & Review

ELF MakeUp Remover Cloths Haul & Review

Have you seen these? They’re from ELF. If you haven’t heard of ELF where have you been? It’s a great little budget beauty brand that’s been all the buzz around make up blogs for a while.

I stumbled across these on my last purchase. I tried it out not expecting much, after all, I’ve found one cleaning cloth is very much like the other. I was wrong. So since ELF often does 50% off offers and I was online when they did another one, I splashed out on a lot of these Makeup Removal Cloths.

But why so many? Well, they were 50% off, can’t knock that and it scored me free delivery too! Also, since I can’t get these locally it means I don’t have to go looking for them soon. The main reason, of course, is because they’re the best wipes I’ve ever used.

One of the reasons for this is because they’re so wet. A lot of the other cloths I’ve used have been damp and by the time you’ve done your face, they’re practically dry. These don’t have that issue. They’re still wet once I’ve finished with them. They also contain Aloe Vera to help moisturise your skin. If like me you’ve got oily skin you can get away with using these to clean your face and head straight to bed. I wouldn’t recommend it on a daily basis but it certainly is perfect if you’ve had a very late night out and have to get up in the morning!

Here’s the major thing I like about them. They remove all my make up. With other cloths I am often left with some residue of makeup on my skin and they usually can’t get all my mascara off. I simply don’t have this issue with these. It’s a dream at removing even waterproof mascara without pulling a lot on the skin.

I love these. They’re not cheap at full price, £3.95 for 20 cloths. They’re actually more expensive per cloth than the ones I have used in the past. However they are worth it and if you can get them at half price, well then they’re amazing!

Get ELF cleansing cloths from their website.

Avon Anew 14 day set Review

Avon Anew 14 day set Review

I recently purchased Anew Vitale 14 day skincare kit. The kit contains a full-size eye cream (15ml) and travels sizes of the day cream (15ml), night cream (15ml) and gel cleanser (50ml). It’s a complete routine for anyone over the age of 35.

I was in need of a new eye cream and this set was in the brochure for £9.99, which is cheaper than the eye cream on its own. If you buy from Avon you’ll know the prices can change from brochure to brochure and its full price is usually £22. That’s still good value as the eye cream is usually £16, the moisturisers are £6 each (in the travel size). The cleanser is not available separately (in travel size).

I have been to a festival and my skin is currently in an awful state. I thought I’d use this set for 14 days and see how well it works. I’ve used it for a couple of days now so here’s my first impression.

Firstly there’s no toner. It’s a step I am so used to, it feels weird not having this step at all.

  • The cleanser foams nicely and has a pleasant smell. So far I’ve not used it to remove makeup, as I’ve been off so we’ll see how well it removes mine soon. The only thing is it seems to leave my skin feeling really dry afterwards. It feels like a soap based cleanser.
  • The eye cream is really smooth and doesn’t drag on the skin at all. There’s no fragrance that I can detect which is good.
  • The day cream is not too heavy, it’s creamy and sinks into my skin right away. The fragrance is quite strong and to be honest it smells like Tresseme shampoo.
  • The night cream is a little heavier but does sink in quickly. It’s the same fragrance which is quite heavy.

So far I like this kit. The fragrance is a bit heavy but other than that I like it so far.