Welcome to the Mysaa Box

Welcome to the Mysaa Box

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Boots Wizarding World Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2019 Review

Boots Wizarding World Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2019 Review

The Wizarding World Harry Potter Advent calendar costs £35 from Boots. I can’t find any info on if it’s cruelty-free and while none of the ingredients is not vegan, a few flags as probably not. If you’re vegan, I’d pass to be on the safe side.


It goes without saying at this point, there are spoilers ahead.

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Freddie the Fox Body Shop Advent Calendar

Freddie the Fox Body Shop Advent Calendar

Every year I buy the biggest Body Shop advent calendar. This year as it’s the year of the Enchanted Forest it’s themed as a fox. It costs £99 but does contain £230 worth of product. There were two others, one at £45 and the other at £65.

Freddie the Fox will guide you through the forest to find 25 beauty surprises to revive your body and re-energise your mind. Expect an amazing 14 full-size products, including top picks from our Bath & Body ranges, Drops of Youth™ and Oils of Life™ skincare ranges, plus our best-selling Facial Mask. But that’s not all. Since spending time outdoors grounds us and makes us feel more alive, we’ve set you small, fun daily tasks to help you reconnect with nature. Once you’ve completed your 25-day challenge, keep your empty boxes – they transform into a picture puzzle that reveals some of the beautiful creatures roaming in our enchanted wilderness.


This is a very pretty calendar and it’s my favourite of the three from the range. Let’s take a look at the inside.


So let’s take a look at the items included in this years calendar. I’ve put a post break in because we will be looking at 25 items and iof you don’t want yours spolit you can just skip on past.

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Wizarding World Harry Potter Hogwarts House Handcream

Wizarding World Harry Potter Hogwarts House Handcream

The Harry Potter Hogwarts House Handcream set is £10 from Boots. It’s part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer. It’s cruelty-free but not vegan. There’s 75 ml of product in each and has a 24-month shelf life once opened.

There’s not a lot to say about these hand creams. They sink in well and make my hands feel soft. For hand creams they’re great.
I like the design on these. It’s very simple but classic and I like it very much. These are something I’d be quite happy to pull out of my handbag.

Each of the creams has a slightly different scent.

  • Gryffindor – Bergamot, Lime and Verbena
  • Slytherin – Bergamot and Jupiter
  • Ravenclaw – Tuberose, Jasmin and Rose
  • Hufflepuff – Grapefruit, Lemon and Orange

These scents are pleasant but not overpowering.

They’re well worth it for keeping your hand moisturised for the next year.

If you like to get a set they’re available at Boots for £10.

Jeffree Star Blow Pony Hand Mirror Review

Jeffree Star Blow Pony Hand Mirror Review

Jeffree Star has more than a few accessories along with his makeup line. One of those things is hand mirrors. I’ve sadly been missing mine since I broke my old Lime Crime mirror. So I decided to invest in one.

I bought mine from Beauty Bay, his UK supplier as shipping from this website is very expensive to the UK and does not come with customs charges covered either. It cost me £22 and postage (the UK term for shipping) was free as it is over £15.


This is the box it comes in. It’s Jeffree’s signature pink log and a shiny pink box.


The mirror is securely packaged in a foam surround, to prevent it from breaking in the post. As you can see I chose the Blow Pony Mirror as I am a sucker for purple.


It’s 11.5 inches long in total, which means it’s definitely big enough to see your whole face. The head of the mirror is, of course, heavier than the handle which makes it feel a little unbalanced to me. Jeffree’s website describes it as mid balanced but I really feel like for this one it’s definitely heavier at the top. It is not heavy though and will be comfortable to hold while you do your makeup.

I really like this mirror for doing my makeup and I don’t think it’s too expensive for the quality. I have actually dropped this and it’s survived without a scratch. It was on a hard floor too.

If you’d like one, you can get yours for £22 at Beauty Bay.