Lime Crime Sunkissed Freckle Pen Review and Swatches

Lime Crime Sunkissed Freckle Pen Review and Swatches

The Sunkissed Freckle Pen is $18 from Lime Crime or £18 from UK Suppliers. It is vegan and cruelty-free. It has 2.5ml of product and a 6-month shelf life once opened.


Sunkissed Freckle Pen is SO spot on! Embrace a fresh face like a day under summer sun rays by tapping on speckles of freckles. Apply Sunkissed Freckle Pen directly onto bare skin or makeup – then, blot between application taps.

Lime-Crime-Sunkissed-Freckle-Pen-TipI’ve got to be honest. The Sunkissed Freckle Pen is very expensive for what is essentially a light brown liner. It is however pretty unique in colour and does do a good job. I have not been able to find a brown liner in this depth at all. They’re all pretty dark.

The colour itself is the same as my real freckles, just a warmer version of them. It’s of course never going to look perfect as this does give you dots rather then the irregular shape real freckles are.

Lime-Crime-Sunkissed-Freckle-Pen-SwatchIt’s also not very long-lasting. I found it fades at the same speed as my foundation. This pen will last as long as your base does. If you need to reapply your base throughout the day then the same applies to this pen.

I really like this pen even with its faults. I think it’s super expensive but until I find an alternative I really like this one.

One last tip. Store it upside down, so that when you come to use it the tip is always filled with product. Start with the smaller freckles and work from there.

If you’d like yours you can get yours from Lime Crime for $18 or £18 from UK Suppliers.

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Revolution Ultra Sculpt And Blend Collection Review

Revolution Ultra Sculpt And Blend Collection Review

The Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection costs £14.99 from Revolution Beauty or Superdrug. It’s cruelty-free set, with no animal hair.

This complete collection of synthetic hair brushes is all you need for contouring, sculpting and blending in one set for face, cheeks and eyes.

Revolution-Ultra-Sculpt-And-Blend-Collection2The set contains three brushes and one sponge.

There is a foundation blending and base sponge, powder blend and sculpt brush, a cheek and highlight and sculpt and blend brush and an ultra metals eyeshadow blender brush.

The sponge is great at its job. It absorbs water well and blends out your foundation smoothly. As it’s black as well you’re less likely to see staining. This sponge is of medium density. It works with both foundation and concealer, with the tip being perfect for getting into the corners of your face.
The blend and sculpt brush is perfect for both your powder and cream products. It’s soft and blends really well. I found it best for using powder for baking, the angle makes it easy to create a nice line.
The cheek, highlight, sculpt and blend brush is the smaller sister for the blend and sculpt brush. The bristles are much more tightly packed making it good for highlighter and preventing fall out. You can still get a good blend with this but be aware this can disturb layers underneath if not used carefully.
Last is the eyeshadow blender brush. It’s a looser brush, which makes it perfect for blending rather than packing on product. I really like this brush and reach for it often.


If you like these brushes you can get them for £14.99 from Revolution Beauty or Superdrug.

I Heart Revolution – Unicorn and Mermaid Brush Review

I Heart Revolution – Unicorn and Mermaid Brush Review


The Unicorn and Mermaid brushes cost £5 each and is vegan and cruelty-free. They’re available online from Revolution Beauty or in your local Superdrug stockist.

Introducing one of our cutest makeup brushes yet! This palm sized brush is great for contouring, sculpting and controlled application. The tightly packed bristles make blending and buffing totally effortless.


There are actually three designs; Dragon, Mermaid and Unicorn. I thought buying all three would be a little excessive. The shape of the brushes is exactly the same for all three. The Mermaid and Dragon brushes are very similar in design, which is why I passed up on the Dragon one.


I do like these brushes, like being the operative word. I don’t love them though.

They are lovely and dense, fit perfectly in your palm. I’ve found they work well with both cream and powder products.

You can blend out with them but they’re not as good as I’d like. They’re very good for placing product perfectly in the hollows of your cheeks, which is great for contour.

I don’t think they’re a beauty room essential but they are nice.

If you’d like yours they’re £5 and available on Revolution Beauty.

Freddie the Fox Body Shop Advent Calendar

Freddie the Fox Body Shop Advent Calendar

Every year I buy the biggest Body Shop advent calendar. This year as it’s the year of the Enchanted Forest it’s themed as a fox. It costs £99 but does contain £230 worth of product. There were two others, one at £45 and the other at £65.

Freddie the Fox will guide you through the forest to find 25 beauty surprises to revive your body and re-energise your mind. Expect an amazing 14 full-size products, including top picks from our Bath & Body ranges, Drops of Youth™ and Oils of Life™ skincare ranges, plus our best-selling Facial Mask. But that’s not all. Since spending time outdoors grounds us and makes us feel more alive, we’ve set you small, fun daily tasks to help you reconnect with nature. Once you’ve completed your 25-day challenge, keep your empty boxes – they transform into a picture puzzle that reveals some of the beautiful creatures roaming in our enchanted wilderness.


This is a very pretty calendar and it’s my favourite of the three from the range. Let’s take a look at the inside.


So let’s take a look at the items included in this years calendar. I’ve put a post break in because we will be looking at 25 items and iof you don’t want yours spolit you can just skip on past.

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Jeffree Star Blow Pony Hand Mirror Review

Jeffree Star Blow Pony Hand Mirror Review

Jeffree Star has more than a few accessories along with his makeup line. One of those things is hand mirrors. I’ve sadly been missing mine since I broke my old Lime Crime mirror. So I decided to invest in one.

I bought mine from Beauty Bay, his UK supplier as shipping from this website is very expensive to the UK and does not come with customs charges covered either. It cost me £22 and postage (the UK term for shipping) was free as it is over £15.


This is the box it comes in. It’s Jeffree’s signature pink log and a shiny pink box.


The mirror is securely packaged in a foam surround, to prevent it from breaking in the post. As you can see I chose the Blow Pony Mirror as I am a sucker for purple.


It’s 11.5 inches long in total, which means it’s definitely big enough to see your whole face. The head of the mirror is, of course, heavier than the handle which makes it feel a little unbalanced to me. Jeffree’s website describes it as mid balanced but I really feel like for this one it’s definitely heavier at the top. It is not heavy though and will be comfortable to hold while you do your makeup.

I really like this mirror for doing my makeup and I don’t think it’s too expensive for the quality. I have actually dropped this and it’s survived without a scratch. It was on a hard floor too.

If you’d like one, you can get yours for £22 at Beauty Bay.