I Heart Revolution – Unicorn and Mermaid Brush Review

The Unicorn and Mermaid brushes cost £5 each and are vegan and cruelty-free. They’re available online from Revolution Beauty or in your local Superdrug stockist.


Introducing one of our cutest makeup brushes yet! This palm sized brush is great for contouring, sculpting and controlled application. The tightly packed bristles make blending and buffing totally effortless.


There are actually three designs; Dragon, Mermaid and Unicorn. I thought buying all three would be a little excessive. The shape of the brushes is exactly the same for all three. The Mermaid and Dragon brushes are very similar in design, which is why I passed up on the Dragon one.


I do like these brushes, like being the operative word. I don’t love them though.

They are lovely and dense, fit perfectly in your palm. I’ve found they work well with both cream and powder products.

You can blend out with them but they’re not as good as I’d like. They’re very good for placing product perfectly in the hollows of your cheeks, which is great for contour.

I don’t think they’re a beauty room essential but they are nice.

If you’d like yours they’re £5 and available on Revolution Beauty.