Scandalous Lipstick Collection Review & Swatches – Felony, Vice, Immortal, Depraved, Crime

This lovely collection of colours is called the Scandalous collection. They’re available from Makeup Revolution’s website or the Superdrug website. If you buy all five from the Makeup Revolution site you get all of them for just £4. They are available separately for just £1 each.

  • Felony is a bright yellow
  • Vice is a nice tangerine orange
  • Immortal is a nice pastel blue
  • Depraved is a true purple
  • Crime is a magenta pink

As you can see they have good coverage despite the unusual colours. Felony has the worst coverage but that’s easily sorted with a good yellow liner. They’re very buttery in texture so keep your lips nice and moisturised.

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I do also love the packaging. If you’re an MUA fan you’ll recognise it. This is slightly different with the colour on the top rather than the bottom. It means you know which colour you’re picking up, which is very helpful if you have a lot of lipsticks.

I love these colours. They’re so unusual and brilliant for festival season! Well worth picking up.