Model’s Own Hayley’s Comet Nail Polish Review & Swatch

Meet Hayley’s Comet from Models Own. It’s part of the Beetlejuice collection and costs £4.99 from your local high street stockist or their website.

It’s a brown based polish with a myriad of colours in it. My photography skills lack the ability to catch all the colours in this but you can see most of them. There’s blue, pink, green and gold. This shines and changes colour depending on the light and the movement of your hand. It’s so very pretty.

It’s more sheer than opaque and can me used as a top coat if you want to change a colour you don’t really like. If you want it to be opaque you’ll need a good three coats. Dry time is about average depending on the amount you use.

It’s not a glitter polish and removes normally. Wear is good and stands up against chipping.

I like this polish.