Freddie the Fox Body Shop Advent Calendar

Every year I buy the biggest Body Shop advent calendar. This year as it’s the year of the Enchanted Forest it’s themed as a fox. It costs £99 but does contain £230 worth of product. There were two others, one at £45 and the other at £65.

Freddie the Fox will guide you through the forest to find 25 beauty surprises to revive your body and re-energise your mind. Expect an amazing 14 full-size products, including top picks from our Bath & Body ranges, Drops of Youth™ and Oils of Life™ skincare ranges, plus our best-selling Facial Mask. But that’s not all. Since spending time outdoors grounds us and makes us feel more alive, we’ve set you small, fun daily tasks to help you reconnect with nature. Once you’ve completed your 25-day challenge, keep your empty boxes – they transform into a picture puzzle that reveals some of the beautiful creatures roaming in our enchanted wilderness.


This is a very pretty calendar and it’s my favourite of the three from the range. Let’s take a look at the inside.


So let’s take a look at the items included in this years calendar. I’ve put a post break in because we will be looking at 25 items and iof you don’t want yours spolit you can just skip on past.


First one out of the calendar is a shower gel from the current Christmas range. This is the Vanilla Mashmallow scent. In the smaller 60ml travel friendly size this one is worth £2.


For day two we have a Mediteranean Sea Salt Scrub. This is the 50ml size and is worth £7.


Day three we have a makeup item and this is the Fibre Lash Hero mascara in black. It’s worth £12 but might not be good for you if you have sensitive eyes. I’ll be interested in trying this out as these kind of mascara’s seem to be making a comback.


Another Christmas scent makes an appearance for day 4. It’s a small body butter in the Berry Bon Bon scent. It’s worth £6.


Day 5 see the arrival of a second body cream type product and the second from the Spa of the World collection. We’re treated to 50ml of the Eithopina coffee firimng body cream. Worth £7.


Day six we’re back to makeup and this time it’s a khol liner in black. I admit to not having used the one I got last year yet. It’s worth £8 and has fairly good reviews.


Day seven brings us the flat eyeshdaow brush, worth £9. I had this many years ago and it was a favourite of mine, so I’m glad to have it back.


The perfect handbag sized hand cream makes an appearnace on day 8. This is from the mango range and I love the smell. I know the formula of this sinks in fast. Worth £5 and full size.


Day 9 brings us a full size Almond Mik and Honey Soothing and Restoring Lotion worth £8.50. It’s designed for dry skin, so good for the cold winter months and your knobbly bits.


We have a two for one. It’s a set of Fuji Green Tea shampoo and conditioner in a smaller travel friendly size. They’re in 60ml size and are worth £2 each.


Day 11 brings a lip gloss in Orange Lollipop. It’s full size and costs £6.


Day 12 brings another body wash this time from the Spas of the World. It’s the 60ml size of the Adriatic Peony body wash and is worth £3.


Day 13 brings a Body Shop favourite, it’s the travel size of the Camolie gentle eye makeup remover. It’s good for everyday make up but not your waterproof stuff. It’s worth £3.


Spa of the World makes another appearance on the 14th, this time with the Japanese Camellia Velvet Moisture Body Cream. Another smaller size but still worth £7.


Day 15 brings a full size Moringa Shower Gel. It’s worth £5 and I think one will last me ages. It also smells delicous.


We have another full size on the 16th this time from the Drops of Youth range. It’s the Youth Bouncy Sleeping mask and is worth £25.


We have our second hand cream this time in a larger size. It’s from the British rose range and is worth £12.


Body butter for day 18. It’s the smaller size of the Shea Body Butter which is worth £6.


Day 19 brings a second item from the Drops of Youth range this time it’s the day cream. It’s full size and worth £22.


Day 20 brings us a second liquid lipstick this time it’s a matte liquid lip. It’s the colour Tahiti Hibiscous and it’s a lovely deep pink. It’s worth £7.


We have a face mist for day 21. It’s the Rose Dewy glow and it’s full size. It’s worth £6.


In the same fragrance family as day 15 we have a body yoghurt. Full size Moringa Body Yoghurt, these were new this year and it’ll be interesting to try them out. It’s worth £8.50.


Day 23 brings another full size treat, this time it’s a face mask. This one is the Himalayan Charcoal glow mask and is worth £17.


Day 24 and we have the full size of the Oils of Life facial oil. It’s 30mls and worth £30. This is one of my favourite facail oils and sinks in very quickly.


The final day is the Dani the Baby Deer headband. It’s worth £4. It also comes with a sample of the British Rose pliumping mask.

Last year when you’d opened a box you could put it back in and it formed another picture. You can’t this year, you can however build some forest animals, which is cute.


So that’s the calendar in full. What do I think? I think it’s a very good deal and I think it has an excellent spread of Body Shop products. There isn’t really a dud in here, the only ones that I am not fond of are the liner (because I have it) and the fact the headband was in 25. It doesn’t feel like a big finish to me.

On the downside there’s 6 body lotions and I wonder if all could be used in a year, especially with a couple of full sizes in there. So that’s what I’m doing. I am going to use all the things in this calendar next year and see if I can use them up before I purchase the next one.

Oh and they’ve got a limited release of last years calendars if you’d like one. Get yours here.