I Heart Revolution Chocolate Heart MakeUp Gift Set Review – Part One

The I Heart Revolution Chocolate gift set is one of the Christmas releases from Revolution this year. Full retail price is listed as £40 although the contents are not worth that. There is even a sticker on the front that lists the value of the items inside as worth £33.


So let’s take a look inside shall we?


Contained in this set are two makeup pigment palettes, one face palette and one chocolate heart bronzer.

The makeup pigment palettes are the ‘exclusive shades’ Peanut Butter Cup and Red Velvet. Each palette has 18g of product and would normally retail around the £8.99 mark.

The face palette has 1 one bronzer, one baked blush and three highlighters. It has g of product. I do not have a retail price for this as Revolution does not do something similar, it would probably cost around the same as the eye palettes given it is the same size and shape.

The Chocolate Heart bronzer is a backed bronzer in the same style as the others from I Heart Revolution. It has 10g of product and would normally retail for around the £5 mark.

In general, I like this set but I don’t feel it’s worth the full retail value. Is it worth £40? No. even adding all the cost of the products together you don’t even hit the £33 value listed on the front. Under £30, yes I can see the value here.

So what do you think? Is it worth it?

If you’d like it you can get yours online at Revolution or Superdrug.

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