KVD Beauty loses the Kat

I’ve honestly been trying to think of a funny title for ages but I ended up with that one, so I guess we’ll all have to deal with that. Happy New Year and Happy Luna New Year.

I didn’t think I’d be talking about Kat Von D again. The brand was dead to me and to a lot of other people. The only time I would mention the brand was in my Project Pan’s as I was trying to use them up. If you’re out of the loop I wrote a post here on why I’d not purchase the brand again. Then 2020 rolls around and as has already happened several times with the start of this year we have a curveball.

There have been rumours for ages that the brand hasn’t been doing well but they have just been rumours. Now Kat has separated herself from the brand and unlike the Lime Crime founder, it’s total separation. She will have no involvement in the brand at all nor will she receive any money from the brand.

Kat Von D Beauty is now KVD Vegan Beauty.

There are plenty of people not surprised and those who are. I’m not really surprised she’s taking a step back but am surprised at the total separation. Kat Von D herself says it’s due to becoming a mother and working on other projects. She has no time for the makeup line and is passing it on. There’s an old adage that’s relevant here.

If it’s important you’ll find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse.

It seems then she’s not interested in her makeup line anymore and chose to sell it off, choosing instead to chase other passions. That leaves the question of if it was ever a passion, just a money-making scheme or did she have to leave to save the brand? I’m afraid I have no answers.

So does that mean I’ll go back to purchasing the brand? The answer is probably not. I ended up not reviewing a lot of the products I bought from this line for many reasons. KVD Vegan Beauty was always a mixed bag and there are so many other options out there these days, I really don’t find it necessary to go back.

So how about you? Will you be back to the brand now Kat Von D has left the building? Let me know in the comment sections below.