Project Pan 2020 Introduction – KVD Beauty Alchemist Palette

Welcome to the introduction to my 2020 Project Pan. This means I’ll be taking a palette and using it up. The aim is to try and use it all in this year but of course, can rollover.

The Alchemist Palette


The Alchemist Palette is a highlighter or duo-chrome palette. There are four different shades, green, blue, purple and pink. I first hit pan on the pink highlighter which surprised me as it’s my least favourite shade. I’m hoping to get all the way through this palette, this year.

The Black Palette


Back for another round. This one has been used on and off over 2019 and will again be gracing my face this year. If anything I want to hit pan on all off the shades before I die, but hopefully before the end of this year. I haven’t decided what will happen to it then.

So those are my project pans. Do you have any going on?