Rolling Project Pan 2020 Introduction – Lime Crime Pocket Candy Sugar Plum

Welcome to the introduction to my Rolling Project. It’s the same rules as last time. I take a palette, use it until I hit pan on one of the shades and then pick another (well the one you pick). It’s that simple. It means I can move slightly quicker through my collection and reduces boredom.

The Pocket Candy Sugar Plum 


I chose this one to start off with because I hit pan quite quickly on the Birthday Cake palette and was looking for an easy win. I’m hoping with constant use to hit pan on at least one of the shades by the end of February.

If you’d like to choose my next palette, the shelf with all the palettes in this project is on my Snupps.¬†None of these has pan hit on them and as I chose the new one it’ll be removed from the shelf.

If you’d like to help me choose, let me know in the comments section here or on youtube which one you’d like me to use.