Time for a Blog Hiatus

By the time this post goes up, it’ll be Christmas Eve here. If you celebrate it Merry Christmas and if you don’t I hope you have a good day anyway. I’m putting this up to let you know I’m taking a short break from Blogging. I’ll be back in January on the 14th. This is for a number of reasons and if you’re interested, do keep reading.


Just recently I’ve found myself overwhelmed with the number of accounts I have on all sorts of social media platforms. It’s also been under a variety of names and it just felt too much. I needed to streamline my accounts and reduce the clutter.
I’ve done this by getting rid of unused accounts and rebranding ones I still use. Now I know which ones are for this blog and which ones are my personal accounts. I also stumbled upon Linktree. It’s a service that lets you have one short link that leads to all your social media. So for my blogging needs, I use linktr.ee/fotobeautyblog. It leads to all the social media I now use for this blog.

Of course, there’s still work to be done.

Twitter and Instagram have been sorted. Facebook and Snupps are a work in progress due to being unable to change usernames. So accounts are having to be migrated manually. That of course takes time.

Youtube is a beast of its own design. I’m coming back to youtube next year and currently undecided on how to deal with my channel. I’m thinking I’ll leave it as is and move my reviews and beauty content across to a FOTO Beauty Blog branded channel. I’ve been a Project Panner on youtube as long as I’ve been reviewing things. It’s probably the best idea.

As for this blog, I will keep reviewing items but the schedule of two a week is going to be cut back. I’ll post a review on a product once a week and you’ll get extra posts when I do videos on youtube. There will be extra details here to accompany the videos I post as this is my main focus.

So how about you. Have you plans for the new year?

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  1. Glad to hear you’re coming back to YouTube! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year.

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