Avon Extra Lasting Plump and Stay in Rosey Resistance Review & Swatch

Rosey Resistance is an orange based pink colour from the Extra Lasting Lipstick range. It costs £5 from their Avon website or from your local Avon Lady.


This had two ends, one with the colour and the other with a gloss. The colour end dries down but is a little sticky without the gloss over the top. The gloss is a plumping gloss and will make your lips tingle as the plumping effect happens.


The gloss itself does wear off and the colour does too. I’ve found it doesn’t stay the 8 hours but does wear well. It will definitely come off when eating food and does leave itself on glasses. It does tingle to plump the lips but I didn’t find it painful at all and did make my lips appear a little bigger.

With gloss starting to be the new trend, this one is great to go for. There are five other colours in this range. Wirth checking out if you’re okay with the tingle.