Lime Crime Diamond Dew Review & Swatches – Holy Shift, Confetti and Tinsel

The Diamond Dews are eyeshadow toppers. They cost £18 from UK suppliers or $20 from Lime Crime direct. They have 4.14 ml of product each and have a 12-month shelf life once opened. They are Vegan and cruelty-free. A lid topper that brings the effect of sparkling diamonds to your eyes. Packed with reflective particles that […]

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Lime Crime Unicorn Lipsticks Review & Swatch – Heart Eyes, Doll House, Serpentina, Not Another Peach Cream Lipstick, October

As part of their 10th Birthday collection, Lime Crime released several unicorn lipsticks, some of which were new shades. They cost $18 each and are Vegan and Cruelty-Free. They have of 3.5g product and a 12-month self-life on opening. As you can see I bought five of them. Heart Eyes, Doll House, Serpentina, Not Another […]

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Clone Wars – Matte Me vs Velvetines

So for those of us that either don’t live in the USA, want a vegan version or just don’t like Lime Crime’s morals I’ve got you a dupe for their much praised Velvetines. So it’s Sleek MakeUP’s Matte Me that is the dupe. They’re brand new on the market and as of yet haven’t hit […]

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