Lime Crime Stylus Blush Brush

The Lime Crime Stylus Blush brush costs $14 at Lime Crime or £13 from UK Suppliers. As always with Lime Crime, it is vegan and cruelty-free.

It is the ultimate tool that sculpts, softens, and highlights! Scroll on dimension and double tap on shine.

  • Use with any format of blush, whether it’s a pressed, loose, or cream.
  • The tapered angled brush shape gives you precision and control that sculpts and softens.
  • Use the feather-soft tip for blending and diffusing edges for seamless color.
  • The brush itself is dense enough for buffing product into skin, but soft enough to delicately dust on highlighter.


The handle is different from all the other Lime Crime releases, this time not being filled with confetti but a transparent pink colour. It’s printed with the orchids that match the Software blushes. The ferrule is a light blue with Lime Crime engraved in it.

This was released at the same time as the software blushes, and it’s supposed to be used with them. However, I don’t like this brush with them. I find this brush is better-used with powder products.

It’s much more pointed than the rounded blush brush from the Hot Stuff set.


Personally, I wouldn’t buy this for cream products. It’s a nice brush and if I needed one like this I’d pick this one.

If you’d like one of these you can get it from Lime Crime for $14 or £13 from UK suppliers.