My thoughts on the current Lime Crime controversy

If you’ve been off the internet and away from beauty blogs for the last three days you might not be aware of the implosion that’s happening to Lime Crime and why it’s their fault.

On the 16th of February Lime Crime’s website went offline. Shortly after notices went up on their Facebook and Instagram telling people they’d been hacked. The site had been removed while they investigated.


Then came the comments. People commented saying have been reporting it to Lime Crime since October. Other customers have come forwards on other sites reporting that they were also reporting it to Lime Crime and getting banned for doing so.  So it seems the site was taken down due to overwhelming pressure from customers reporting massive losses. Some of the losses were upwards of $4000.

Originally Lime Crime’s response was this


Yes, this was the original response to the reports for stolen credit card information. It just simply tries to pass the blame.

Slowly through customers comments, it appears the SSL certificate had expired and had not been updated. If you’re not sure what that is, it means any credit card information on the website could be easily seen by hackers, or malicious software. It’s actually a responsibility of the company to keep it up to date. It appears that Lime Crime utterly failed to do this.

Where they have also totally and utterly failed is not immediately sending out notices to their customers via email immediately. This should have been done as soon as there was a hint of something wrong. A responsible company would have done so straight away.

So I blame Lime Crime for the situation they’re in. It is entirely their own fault and by their, I mean Doe. After all, she is the CEO and is therefore responsible for the company and it’s employees actions.

Update: 2018 The posts have long since been removed from their Facebook and Instagram pages. In fact it happened less than a month after the breach so… think of that what you will.