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There’s a new beauty box on the block. It’s called the Mysaa Box.

I found this box after they dropped me an email. The box itself has been set up by the previous suppliers of the Pink Parcel. If you’ve been following my blog you would be aware that I used to get the PP. I stopped once the quality started to go downhill. It turns out that I got out just before it went under.

I decided to subscribe after a bit of deliberation.

It’s not a straight replacement for the Pink Parcel, for starters it’s a beauty box. It has no items for your period and is shipped on a set date each month. It’s also almost twice as expensive as the Pink Parcel.

Myssa says

In each box you will receive 5 full size beauty and wellness items. Ranging from makeup, skincare to beauty and wellness tools and accessories. with an average value of up to £100.

You can either subscribe for £25 a month on a rolling subscription, £59.97 for 3 months, £113.94 for 6 months or £227.88 for a year. The cheapest of these is the 6-month and 12-month subscriptions working out at £18.99 a month. They also offer you a choice of free gift if you chose the 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions. There’s a box of face mask for the 3-6 month subscriptions (worth over £40) or a LED light mask (worth £120) for the 12-month subscription. I’m have never seen anything that tells me these light masks work from a scientific source so I went for the 6 months subscription.

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I can happily say it’s here and the items are good. If you’d like to know more please watch the video

I can also say the free mask box is definitely over the £40 price.

Vitamasques Free Gift Box

If you’d like one you can get it at the Mysaa Box site. This is an affiliate link, it will get you £5 off. You will get one too if you sign up.

The box is new but the first one was well done. I’m looking forward to next month.