Super Wow sticks Atomic, Hanging on the Telephone & Maria Review & Swatch

The Wow Sticks from Makeup Revolution cost just £2.99 online.

I bought three colours. Atomic (bright orange), Hanging on the Telephone (bright pink) and Maria (warm deep red-brown).

They’re a cream matte lip crayon. The biggest issue with these is once you’ve removed the boxes they’re all exactly the same. There’s nothing on the outside to identify which colour you’re using.

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They apply smoothly but it’s a little difficult to get a clean edge using then as pencils. You can use a brush to apply them but they go on dry so it also hard to apply them from a brush. If you warm it on the back of your hand it’s easier but not much so.
They are also really long wearing and highly pigmented. They last for hours and have lasted through food and drink.
Now given they’re matte, you might expect them to be drying. They’re really not. Love matte lips, hate the feeling? Try these. They’re fabulous.

They’re brilliant and they’re wind up. No need to sharpen either.