Lime Crime plays the Victim

So I got up this morning to find the winners of the Lime Crime and Dolls Kill regram competition had been posted. Then I saw the comments. There were lots and lots of legitimate complaints. Of course there is always a few unnecessarily cruel ones. This is the internet after all, some people use it as an excuse to be nasty.

The rules stated that you may only enter once, you must follow both Lime Crime and Dolls Kill and that it must include the tags #limecrime and #dollskill. Some of these entries did not do these things. They were in fact void entries, never the less they were announced as the winners by Dolls Kill. Something else showed up. They’d all posted in the last 24 hours of the competition. It’s possible for this to be random but it’s also highly unlikely.

It’s important to note here that the winners were in fact chosen by Dolls Kill not Lime Crime. So all Lime Crime needed to do was say we didn’t have anything to do with picking the winners. They could then say we’ll see what we can do about it. Of course in true lime Crime style they didn’t.

Instead of listening to legitimate complaints about it they decided to use emotional manipulation on the people who complained. This is typical of Lime Crime. Even when they have done something wrong (which in this case they hadn’t), they were the wounded party. Their hurt feeling matter more than addressing that their customers are upset.

What are your thoughts?