Sugarpill Brushes Review

Sugarpill released a set of brushes around valentines of this year. In true Sugarpill style not only are they cute and pink but they’re also cruelty-free.

Now they’re cruelty-free because they’re synthetic brushes. Now, most people are going to have an opinion on that fact and mine is on the side of the positive. Some of my favourite brushes are synthetic.

There are four brushes in the range so far, an eyeliner brush, a lip brush, a blending brush and a large eyeshadow brush. They’re all soft to the touch with an almost stippling like colouring to the hairs. The colours are pink and white, with the Sugarpill heart logo on the handle. The handles themselves are light and well balanced.

The large eyeshadow brush is as the name states, large. In fact it’s so big that it’s almost ¾ of the size of my mobile lid, That fact makes it not a brush I reach for on a regular basis. What it is good for is all over colour. So if you’re just using a single colour on your eyes it’s easy to use and doubles as a blending brush to smooth out the edges. It’s also good for depositing a top colour over another (such as Sugarpill’s Lumi over a black base). There’s one other thing I like to use it for. It’s nice for placing shading on the cheeks. This one costs £13.50 from UK suppliers or $20 from Sugarpill.

The blending brush does exactly what it says on the tin. It blends beautifully. The rounded shape helps blend out the edges of any shadow. Given the rounded shape and the fact it’s a little larger than the others I own, I’d not use it to apply shadow. It’s good for applying highlight to the cheeks though. It helps give them a nice diffuse glow. This one costs £13.50 from UK suppliers or $20 from Sugarpill.

The lip brush has a nice rounded shape which I find perfect for getting a good shape on the lips. It performs well with both creme and liquid-based lipsticks. It’s pretty spot on for its use. This one costs £12 from UK suppliers or $18 from Sugarpill.

The eyeliner brush is much thicker than the eyeliner brushes I am used to using. I am not a fan of using this with gel liners and found it hard to create a good shape. It does work very well with liquid liners. It’s not a brush I’d recommend really. It’s not one I tend to reach for but there is nothing wrong with it. It just doesn’t suit my needs. This one costs £10.50 from UK suppliers or $16 from Sugarpill.

Overall I’d rate these brushes as very good, if a little expensive. They’re certainly not my favourite brushes. There’s two of them I can certainly live without but that doesn’t make them bad. If you’re a pink fan or a Sugarpill fan, they’re a nice thing to have in your collection.