Revolution Beauty Halloween Haunted Lights Highlighter 2018 Review & Swatch

Edit: It came to my attention that this was blank when published. I do not know why that happened.

Haunted Lights is the newest version of the Halloween highlighter from Revolution beauty. It’s available at Revolution Beauty and Superdrug for £4 each. It has g and has a 12-month shelf life.


Revolution-Halloween-Haunted-Lights-SwatchAs you can see it’s the same design as last year but this time the undertone of the highlighter is different. It’s green this year. It’s still got the white cast to this so if you’re of a deeper skin tone this might not be for you.

I think that’s much more Halloween appropriate. Great for that witchy highlight or other spooky monsters.

You can’t really see it in the swatch but there are microfine bits of glitter in this highlighter as there was last year. So if you’re not into glittery highlighter this might not be for you. However they don’t tend to fall onto the face, so that’s a plus.

When you first get it there is a top layer, possibly from the pressing that means you might not get quite a strong highlight like the one in my swatch. If you rub that away you can then glow greater than the gods to your heart’s content.


Haunted Lights (2018) vs Ghost Lights (2017)

It’s available at Revolution Beauty and Superdrug for £4 each.