Revolution Beauty Halloween Haunted Collection Lipsticks Review & Swatch – Sinister Seduction, Corpse Bride, Blood Lust, Vampire’s Thurst & Captivating Curse

The Haunted Halloween 2018 collection from Revolution Beauty keeps on coming with a set of 5 lipsticks. Each cost £4, have 3.2g of product and a 12-month shelf life.


I love the packaging on these The white skulls and red flowers are on a sticker, but in a way that’s a good thing. Once it starts getting scuffed you’ll be able to remove it. The small pot of colour at the end also makes each colour easy to spot in your collection.


Each colour also has a super cute skull cut into the bullet.


I mean how cute is that?

So let’s go onto the colours themselves because as much as obsessing over packaging is fun what we really want is good colours that work right?

  • Sinister Seduction – coral light pink
  • Corpse Bride – purple toned pink
  • Blood Lust – blue based red
  • Vampire’s Thrust – berry toned red
  • Captivating Curse –  black


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They’re all described as matte shades and I personally don’ t think that’s true. They’re more satin finish, excluding the black, which has definite shine. Unsurprisingly the lighter shades have better and more opaque coverage. Captivating Curse is not opaque and that was the best swatch I could get without a liner underneath. So I’d definitely advise liner underneath for a fully black lip.

They’re not bad, in fact, they’re great for the price. Revolution does better lipsticks for this price point but for a cheap Halloween lipstick, they’re still good. I’ll probably be passing on Vampire’s Thurst and Captivating Curse but the others I’ll wear.

If you’d like to grab one or more of these they’re available at Superdrug (currently on 3 for 2) or Revolution Beauty for £4 each.