I Heart Revolution Chocolate Heart Gift Set – MakeUp Palettes Review & Swatches – Peanut Butter Cup & Red Velvet

We’ve seen the face palettes, let’s take a look at the makeup pigment palettes. The name makeup pigment palettes tell me at least some of these are not eyeshadows, I think especially in the Red Velvet palette to get a bright colour.

The palettes are all in the same shape as the I Heart Revolution Chocolate range. They’ve got the melting chocolate palette design on the front. Normally these kinds of palettes retail for £8.99. There’s two in this set. The Peanut Butter Cup palette and the Red Velvet set.

Peanut Butter Cup



The Peanut Butter Cup palette smells a bit like peanut butter. I’m not fond of the smell but it doesn’t last on the face.


As for the swatches, as you can see they’re quite strong colours. A few of them are quite stiff but they blend very well. It’s about on par with the usual Chocolate palettes. There’ of course a very warm overall tone to this palette but there are a few cooler undertones too. It’s of course very yellow toned overall.

I do like it but I’m struggling with ideas on how to use them all. Some of the colours are very similar so of course, will blend into one another but that can also be useful for a seamless gradient. Overall I like this one more than I thought I would.

Red Velvet



The Red Velvet palette was the one of the two I was the most excited for but the one that let me down the most. There are a fair few tones in here that are too close to the Peanut Butter Cup palette for my liking.  It’s a slightly cooler-toned palette.


Frosting is the first I’m going to mention because you can’t really see the two-toned nature on my arm. That flash of pink is what you can see. It’s a nice flash but can get lost. Beetroot is really quite patchy and better off as a transition shade or inner corner highlight.
I’ve found these shades to be harder to blend. They’re not unworkable but they’re not great either. If this was a single palette I’d say skip this one. As part of the set, I think it brings it down a bit.

Overall they’re not bad palettes, Red Velvet is not great though.

If you’d like it you can get yours online at Revolution or Superdrug.

So are you picking this set up? Did you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below.