Collection Velvet Kiss in Wonderland and Rosie Review & Swatch

Collection cosmetics is one of my favourite brands. Cruelty-free and on the high street with good prices, what’s not to love? Recently I needed to get some more of their glitter liners (post coming soon).


Meet the Velvet Kiss range. I recently picked up two of these colours. They cost £2.99 online or from your local high street stockist.

Now while they are semi-matte, they are not long wearing. So they will need to be reapplied but that does mean they are not at all drying.


Wonderland is the first swatch and as you can see it pulls very pink on me. The bottle is very coral. It’s got good coverage and is nice and matte.


The other colour I picked was Rosey.  It’s a blue based red, so better for cooler skin tones. This one didn’t go quite as matte. It’s also pretty opaque on me.

Overall I like these very much. They’re cheap and do a fantastic job for the price. I like them very much and if they were vegan I’d have picked up more. Sadly they’re not so I’ll have to do with these.