Revolution Conceal and Define Review and Swatches for C0, C0.5, C1 and C6.5

Let’s have a little talk about the bloggers’ favourite new concealer. The Conceal and Define range from Revolution beauty took the blogosphere by storm when it was released. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free.


There’s a total of 18 different shades in this range, catering for the very lightest to the very darkest of skin tones. There’s also a nice mixture of undertone coverage for warm, cool and neutral. Sadly nothing for olive undertones yet but maybe someday.

C0 is a pure white concealer. Perfect for the Goth in your life or for cut creases when nothing but a white base will do.

C0.5 is the lightest skin tone in the range. It’s pink based so if you’re cool toned this will be good for you. Not so great for very fair cool or olive tones.

C1 is the lightest neutral shade. Great for the very fair and olive kind. Still a touch too dark for me but I have a solution (the green one)

C6.5 is warm undertones suited towards the fair/medium end of the skin tone range. This one is almost the same depth as C1 but is slightly darker. Good one to colour correct with a bit of blue of you’re olive


All of these are high coverage concealers. They do set so do need to be blended out as soon as you place them on the skin. Of course, that means they don’t tend to shift even on my oily skin. I did have a few creasing issues on my fine lines under my eyes but I am 40. If you don’t have fine lines you will be fine.


You get 4ml of product (although my original C1 has 3.4ml so the size must have been increased), which isn’t massive amounts of product. If you’re a heavy user of concealer you might find you run out of this fairly fast but at £4 a go it’s not a high ticket price. Of course with less product, you’re always going to be getting fresh product that’s less likely to go out of date. They have a shelf-life of 12 months once opened.

The wand is a doe foot applicator and nice and large. it works really well for under the eye area and highlighting the face. If you don’t use much you might find you get a little too much product out. I do really love this concealer.

They cost £4 and you can get them instore at Superdrug or online at Revolution Beauty.