Revolution Metallic Lip Kit – We Rule Review & Swatch


The Revolution Beauty Lip Kits costs £6 from Revolution or your local stockist. The We Rule kit contains a lip gloss and matching liner in rose gold.

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The lip liner is of standard size but only has a 3 month self life. Given how long my other liners last with constant use I find this a little short. It’s also not vegan making these sets not vegan either. The lip gloss contains 5.5 ml of product with a 12 month shelf life.

This is a pretty little kit and I really love the colour of this. The gloss itself is fairly long wearing for a gloss and with the lip liner it’s even longer.

So let’s quickly talk about what I was expecting and what I got.

  • I was expecting a matte liner and instead it’s metalic shine. It’s also quite sticky on it’s own, so not something you could wear alone.
  • I was not expecting a gloss. I was expecting a matte lipstick that dries down to a metallic finish. It’s also not very opaque.


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In the end the lipgloss over the liner looks really good. The gloss isn’t heavy or sticky. They are the perfect pair. I do like this kit and if you’re looking for rose gold lips they;’ve got you covered here.

Available from Revolution Beauty or Superdrug for £6.