Jeffree Star Pinks – Virginity, 714, Queen Supreme, Prom Night and Masochist


I love the formula of Jeffree Star’s Velour liquid lipsticks. I still feel they’re some of the best formulas on the market. They cost £16 from UK Suppliers or $18 from Jeffree’s website.

I find all of these long-lasting, not drying at all and doesn’t emphasise my lip texture. I really love these. I think they’re well worth the cost. Today we’re looking at five shades, Masochist, 714, Virginity, Prom Knight and Queen Supreme.



Masochist is a beautiful cool-toned dark pink. It’s one of my favourite colours. I have no smudging or bleeding issues with this one.


714 is a very light peach shade. I do not like this one on me. It doesn’t have coverage issues and stays put really well.


Virginity is very light pink. This has some issues with coverage and is far too light for me.


Prom Knight is bright hot pink. I adore this colour so much. it’s cool undertone too and doesn’t smudge or bleed. It also has no coverage issues.


Queen Supreme is a neon pastel pink. While I’m not a fan of this colour on me, it is a great colour with no coverage issues. It also doesn’t bleed or budge.

They cost £16 from UK Suppliers or $18 from Jeffree’s website. Shipping costs from $8 and increases with the package size. It does not include customs charges so expect an extra £8 and 20% on top of the cost.